Anthony Anderson’s son urges him to graduate from Howard while his daughter charts her own course

Anthony Anderson graduated from HBCU.

According to The Wrap, the “Law & Order” star – who plays Det. Kevin Bernard on NBC’s longtime police procedural — graduated from Howard University with a BFA from the newly established Chadwick Boseman College of Fine Arts. The outlet confirms that Anderson did not receive an honorary degree – on the contrary, the outlet confirms that the actor and comedian returned to school alongside his son, Nathan, to earn the degree thanks to an honest day’s work.

Previously, Anthony Anderson revealed he dropped out of the prestigious HBCU for financial reasons – and it was his son who inspired his return to college.

“Thank you to my son @hotboynato for inspiring me to go back to school to complete my degree after being accepted to Howard University. This is just the beginning!” he wrote, in part, on his Instagram page, which you can see below.

It’s just the latest achievement for the longtime actor, whose success on shows such as “Black-ish” (opposite Tracee Ellis Ross – where he earned around $400,000 an episode before it won’t air) earned him a net worth of $25 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. And, as he said, this is just the beginning.

Let’s see how her two children chart their own paths to success.

Editorial Note: The net worth shown in this article is a speculative estimate taken from various online sources.

Kyra Anderson

According to her Instagram page, Kyra Anderson is a postpartum doula in Houston, TX. Her account says she’s a certified Mama Glow doula, which means she’s part of “a global maternity education organization providing #doula service to #pregnant #women and new #mums.” Kyra also said she’s been “on the road” for a year.

Nathan Anderson

Like his father, Nathan Anderson graduated from Howard University. He is also following in Anthony’s footsteps in the entertainment industry as an entertainer.

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