How ‘Daddy Magic’ Matt Menard Became a Certified Meme Lord

When 2point0 arrived at AEW, he was greeted with very little fanfare.

Known nationally as Ever-Rise during their time on NXT, where they notably feuded – albeit one-sidedly – ​​with Hit Row, the French-Canadian tag team returned to All Elite Wrestling through a call between Chris Jericho and his former tag team partner Kevin Owenswho have shown their strength in the ring and characters outside of it.

The results, though initially meager, grew steadily with the aggravating nature of an uncontrollable snowball unleashed on an alpine ski slope, to the point where their sheer clumsiness transcended Tony Khan’s promotion.

Friends, 2point0 went viral, and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard became a certified meme lord in the process.

2.0 has become AEW’s weirdest internet sensation.

People like to make fun of wrestlers for how many five-star matches they have or don’t have, according to Dave Meltzer. People will ridicule artists like the Young Bucks or Kenny Omega for seemingly having a four-star base rating and then mock wrestlers like Edge, The Rock or, until recently, Seth Rollins for never getting a perfect rating. on the Wrestling Observer Scale.

A capricious system? You bet, but hey, everyone has an opinion, and the internet allows everyone to express it as they see fit.

Now granted, fans have been debating and teasing match ratings and performances for years now; people rated the original Wrestlemania in grassroots newscasts, and new articles covered the sport long before many other professional leagues came into existence.

The biggest difference in 2022? People are now doing it in the form of memes, gifs, and TikTok videos. And who, you might be wondering, has been the king of the wrestling meme world for the last month or so? Well, that would be Daddy Magic Matt Menard, who became the go-to measuring stick for WWE wrestlers against AEW after earning the first five-star match of his career as one of the ten man in the Anarchy match in the Arena.

Is it funny to show that Edge is giving an impassioned accelerated promo in the face of pro wrestling’s goofiest look to the musical styles of Bring Me the Horizon? Yes; Yes it is. Is it funny when Edge is replaced by The Rock, Roman Reigns or, at least until recently, Seth Rollins? Yes again; really, everything about Menard and his 2-point partner Angelo Parker is funny because Menard is an objectively funny guy.

From calling himself Daniel Garcia’s dad during their pre-Jericho Appreciation Society run, to the duck-face he flashes in every promotional image and the amazing intro he delivers before every JAS game, Menard is more of a mascot. only a legitimate challenger for the AEW tag team belts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If anything, Menard’s current run has dramatically increased his stock, going from a member of a cult-favorite low card tag team with fun, guitar-heavy intro music, to rightfully l one of All Elite Wrestling’s most eccentric characters who will have a shelf life long after JAS disbands.

Although Kevin Owens ultimately shunned AEW with his decision to re-sign with WWE, his decision to call out Chris Jerico and defend his compatriots delivered the wrestling world one of the most entertaining duos of the year. latest and created a meme machine. which not even all of Tony Khan’s money could buy. A solid consolation prize indeed, Mr. Steen.

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