The Five Greatest Classic Rock Songs “Number Nineteen”


Hey Nineteen, please take me when you slide into 2019.

Is it really about to be 2019? Yes it’s people. Time really flies when you’re having fun. For me the fun would most definitely include playing and talking about great music every weekend on The Home of Rock ‘N’ Roll i95. This weekend my mind is on number 19, so to celebrate the upcoming new year I came up with a lean and mean songlist with 19 in the title. Here are the five greatest classic rock songs “Number Nineteen”:

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    “Nineteen Forever” (1989)

    Joe jackson

    Joe Jackson’s claim to fame came with the hit singles “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” (1979) and “Steppin ‘Out” (1982), but this overlooked and underrated single from the 1989 “Blaze of Glory” album proved it still had the magic in the late 1980s.

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    “One thousand nine hundred and eighty-five” (1973)

    Paul McCartney and the wings

    Paul McCartney said that song began with the first line: “No one ever left alive in nineteen hundred and eighty-five.” That’s all he had in mind for four months before finishing it and including it on his legendary 1973 album “Band On The Run”. Luckily we’re all still alive after nineteen hundred and four. – twenty-five, so we can still enjoy this song. in two thousand and nineteen.

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    “1983 … (A newt I should become)” (1968)

    Jimi Hendrix

    On this classic from Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” album, Jimi expresses his desire to escape humanity’s despair and return to the source of all life – the sea.

    You might be like me and wondering what the 1983 part of the title means. Knowing that Hendrix was a strong believer in numerology, I have to believe there is a link there so I went google “Numerology 1983” and it took me to a website devoted to angelic numbers (a phenomenon of often seeing number sequences) and this is what it said: “Angel number 1983 tells you that angels are with you, always offering you encouragement and support and helping you serve your mission. of soul as a lightworker, they ask you to have the faith and confidence that you have all the skills, talents and abilities within you that you need to be successful in your soul’s tasks in this life. ” It sounds like Jimi Hendrix to me.

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    “19th nervous breakdown” (1966)

    The rolling stones

    The title of that first Stones hit describes what Mick Jagger felt while touring the United States in 1965. He and the band had just completed five weeks of concerts in the United States and said out loud : “I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m ready for my nineteenth nervous breakdown. Alas, a song was born. Mick and Keith Richards worked on the rest of the song for the short time they had on the rest of the tour.

    It’s my favorite first Stones song. It has the great Bo-Didley-esque riff, superb harmonies, and incredible splashing cymbal work from the great Charlie Watts on drums.

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    “Hey nineteen” (1980)

    Dan of steel

    Some songs don’t hold up over the years. This Steely Dan song is not one of them. From the moment I heard it on the radio I loved it and still love it after all these years. From bouncy groove and voice in the pocket of Donald Fagan to the immaculate production of Fagan and the late great Walter Becker, this is Steely Dan at his best. “Hey Nineteen” reached number 10 on the charts. Guess how long he was on the charts. Yes, 19 weeks.

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